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Rules Info For Wear Farm City Park

Wear Farm City Park Basketball Court

Enjoy The Basketball Court!

Wear Farm City Park Pavilion / Shelter

Enjoy The LIGHTED / Covered Pavilion Shelters!

Wear Farm City Park

The Kids Will Love The Playgrounds!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The LIGHTED Football Field!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The Batting Cage!

Wear Farm City Park

Visit The Concession Stand!

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City Park Rules:

  1. NO Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Drugs, Or Weapons Of Any Kind Are Allowed On City Property.
  2. No Climbing On Structures Or Fences.
  3. No Littering.
  4. All Animals Are Prohibited Within The Spectator Areas (Ball Fields) Except Sight Or Guide Dogs Used By The Visually Impaired.
  5. Motorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed On Trails Or Maintenance Roads.
  6. Bicycles, Skates, Roller Blades, Or Skateboards Are Not Allowed.
  7. No Soft Toss Into Fencing Is Allowed.
  8. The City Staff, Through Its Parks And Recreation Department, Has Complete Control Of The Property And Their Decision Is Final As To All Matters Arising Out Of The Use Of Any Of The Facilities.
  9. Parking Is Allowed IN Authorized Areas Only.  Vehicles Parked In Unauthorized Areas Will Be Subject To Towing And Penalties.
  10. No Warm-Ups On Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts OR Areas In Close Proximity Of Cars.

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