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Wear Farm City Park Pavilions

Wear Farm City Park Basketball Court

Enjoy The Basketball Court!

Wear Farm City Park Pavilion / Shelter

Enjoy The LIGHTED / Covered Pavilion Shelters!

Wear Farm City Park

The Kids Will Love The Playgrounds!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The LIGHTED Football Field!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The Batting Cage!

Wear Farm City Park

Visit The Concession Stand!

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Wear Farm City Park Pavilions

     There are currently two Pavilion areas, both are near at the front of the park, (closest to Wears Valley Road), one on each side of the full basketball court.

     Each Pavillion is fully paved and covered, with lighting and electrical outlets, and have 14 full-size picnic tables, a huge charcoal BBQ grill, at each end there are two tables that are wheelchair accessible, there are also refuse containers. For reservations please call (865) 429-7373360 Virtual Tour, Full-Motion Video AND more info will be provided ASAP.
Pavilion 360 Tour Click Below!

Wear Farm City Park Pavilion 360 Tour
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