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Wear Farm City Park Baseball Fields

Wear Farm City Park Basketball Court

Enjoy The Basketball Court!

Wear Farm City Park Pavilion / Shelter

Enjoy The LIGHTED / Covered Pavilion Shelters!

Wear Farm City Park

The Kids Will Love The Playgrounds!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The LIGHTED Football Field!

Wear Farm City Park

Enjoy The Batting Cage!

Wear Farm City Park

Visit The Concession Stand!

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Wear Farm City Park Baseball Fields

There are five lighted baseball fields, four in one complex, and an addition field off by itself.

At the main baseball complex with the four fields, you will also find the batting cage, warm-up area, restrooms and concession stand, and vending machine.

The field off by itself was filmed as an example, has a dirt infield and grass outfield, is lighted, and has fenced in paved dugouts that have benches, baseball bat caddys, and a baseball glove tree, this field does not yet have outfield fences.  The four inner baseball field have small bleachers along each dugout.  Three-sixty virtual tours, full-motion video will follow ASAP.

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